May 05

If you are over 65 and think you do not hear well, you may be one out of the three. Contact us for a hearing test.

Mar 31

Dear friends, please be informed that we will be closed tomorrow (1/4/17 Saturday) owing to electrical repair works in the building. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Mar 24

It is important to know the limits and don't take your ears for granted. Protect your hearing before it is too late!

Mar 17

More than 30% of hearing aid users do not know which model or size fits them best. The best solution is to speak with your consultant on what fits your hearing loss, budget and lifestyle.

Mar 13

Did you know that your ears never stop listening, even when you sleep? Your brain just ignores incoming sounds. This is similar to the way your hearing aids adjust to the sounds around you and leave out the unwanted noise.

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